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### 3D Gaze Estimation from 2D Pupil Positions on Monocular Head-Mounted Eye Trackers
**Mohsen Mansouryar, Julian Steil, Yusuke Sugano and Andreas Bulling**
published at ETRA 2016
published at ETRA 2016.
For more information regarding this project please visit [here] (http://www.mpi-inf.mpg.de/departments/computer-vision-and-multimodal-computing/research/gaze-based-human-computer-interaction/3d-gaze-estimation-from-2d-pupil-positions-on-monocular-head-mounted-eye-trackers/).
Here's a brief summary of the scripts:
> `python parallax_analysis.py pts` >> plot of calibration and test points.
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* [SciPy](http://www.scipy.org/) – for minimization, statistical and matrix operations as well as plotting
* [scikit-learn](http://scikit-learn.org/stable/) – Machine Learning tools in Python
* [Processing](https://processing.org/) – for visualizing AR markers