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#include <vector>
#include "caffe/blob.hpp"
#include "caffe/layer.hpp"
#include "caffe/proto/caffe.pb.h"
#include "caffe/layers/base_data_layer.hpp"
namespace caffe {
template <typename Dtype>
class PoseDataLayer : public BaseDataLayer<Dtype> {
explicit PoseDataLayer(const LayerParameter& param)
: BaseDataLayer<Dtype>(param), has_new_data_(false) {}
virtual void DataLayerSetUp(const vector<Blob<Dtype>*>& bottom,
const vector<Blob<Dtype>*>& top);
virtual inline const char* type() const { return "PoseData"; }
virtual inline int ExactNumBottomBlobs() const { return 0; }
virtual inline int ExactNumTopBlobs() const { return 2; }
virtual void AddDatumVector(const vector<Datum>& datum_vector);
virtual void AddMatVector(const vector<cv::Mat>& mat_vector,
const vector<float>& labels);
// Reset should accept const pointers, but can't, because the memory
// will be given to Blob, which is mutable
void Reset(Dtype* data, Dtype* label, int n);
void set_batch_size(int new_size);
int batch_size() { return batch_size_; }
int channels() { return channels_; }
int height() { return height_; }
int width() { return width_; }
virtual void Forward_cpu(const vector<Blob<Dtype>*>& bottom,
const vector<Blob<Dtype>*>& top);
int batch_size_, channels_, height_, width_, size_;
Dtype* data_;
Dtype* labels_;
int n_;
size_t pos_;
Blob<Dtype> added_data_;
Blob<Dtype> added_label_;
bool has_new_data_;
} // namespace caffe